I found black footie jammies with lil skulls on them at goodwill. Fucking score!

Listening to crizzly really loud and putting on pounds of black eyeshadow. Basically my morning is going fantastic

Got an awesome care package from incloudsisleep today! 2 diaper covers with skulls on them, a xmas one with snow men, a cute baby girl tee, and a bonus agent scully action figure! Yayay!

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about trans women invading feminist spaces?


i don’t get how a woman can “invade” a space meant for women. 


making my computer read my anons



Oh Oh! And Portland people! I will be out there the 8th-19th with daddy-is-a-sissy and my pops if you want to partake in some gender fuckery and fun shenanigans! 

Heck yea! Imma show you all the cool punk rock shit to do there too

PUNK ROCK PUNK ROCK! I gotta make us baby bat back patches before I leave! do em all ghetto punk rock style, YEE